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Precision Epigenetics and Time-resolved
Single Cell Genomics

Epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA modifications have profound impact on gene expression dynamics, stem cell differentiation, as well as organ maturation and aging. Our group seeks to investigate epigenetic gene regulation in these dynamic biological processes by developing high-precision (single-cell level or single-nucleotide resolution) and time-resolved genomics technologies. Our long-term goal is to use knowledge gained from quantitative and high-precision epigenome profiling and editing technologies to identify biomarkers and to enhance stem cell therapy for treating human heart and neurodegenerative diseases.

DNA modifications in stem cells and neuroepigenetics

Single cell temporal omics
and RNA dynamics

Epigenetic regulation of cardiac maturation, 

aging, and repair

Join Us
We aspire to create a diverse, stimulating, and collaborative lab environment. Motivated scientists of all stages (including postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students) and all backgrounds (including biology, bioinformatics, chemistry and engineering) are welcome to join our group.

Postdoctoral fellows: openings are currently available. Candidates should email your application to, and include a CV, a summary of your current and future research interests, and names of three references.

Graduate students: for prospective students, you are encouraged to apply directly to Ph.D. programs at University of Pennsylvania. Rotation positions are available for the first year graduate students (2023-2024 academic year). 






545 Clinical Research Building
415 Curie Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6145


215-573-9360 (office)


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