September 3, 2020:  Award - I am proud that @QiQiu8788 and @PengHu_xqq 's scNT-seq work was recognized by this year's Kaushal Award (Penn Genetics Awards of Excellence) !



August 31, 2020:  Paper - Our work "Massively parallel and time-resolved RNA sequencing in single cells with scNT-seq" is now out at Nature Methods. Qi and Peng are the co-first authors on the paper. Congratulations!  Check out this tweetorial on the paper and dynamo analysis.



August 22, 2020:  Paper - Our collaborative work with Rahul Kohli's lab at UPenn is out as part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 2198), "DNA Modifications: Methods and Protocols".











July 1, 2020:  Funding - Transatlantic Networks of Excellence Program (Leducq Foundation), "The Inflammatory-Fibrosis Axis in Ischemic Heart Failure: translating mechanisms into new diagnostics and therapeutics". The project will start in Jan, 2021.










June 25, 2020: Presentation - Hao and Qi presented our work at two concurrent sessions of 2020 International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) meeting. Qi was also winners for both Travel Award and Merit Abstract Award of the 2020 ISSCR meeting. Penn IRM viewer guide.








June 11, 2020: Presentation - Peng gave a great presentation on his work at Penn Epigenetics Institute Monthly seminar.












June 1, 2020: Funding - Alex was awarded an F31 grant (NRSA) from NHGRI. Congratulations, Alex! 











May 28, 2020: Presentation - Emily delivered a great talk at NHGRI Advanced Genomic Technology Development (AGTD) meeting. 







March 19, 2020: Paper - Our collaborative work with Yugong Ho and Steve Liebhaber on mouse pituitary cell-type composition and lineage plasticity is now out at Protein & Cell. Peng is the co-first author on the paper. Congratulations, Peng!












March 2, 2020: Award - Emily won the poster award at the joint Penn Epigenetics & Immunology symposium.

Oct 23, 2019: Presentation - Jen delivered a great presentation at the genomeweb webinar series on our collaborative NCI Cancer Moonshot project with Tan Kai's group (CHOP). You can find her presentation here.














Sep 9, 2019: Presentation - Peng, Qi and Emily will present their work at our Department's Genetics Friday Research Talk series.

Sep 9, 2019: Presentation/retreat - Great poster presentations at @PennGenetics #PennGeneticsRetreat2019 from lab  members: @PengHu_xqq, Qi Qiu, @ebfabyanic, Jennifer Flournoy, and @AlexTWei !

Aug 31, 2019: Funding - Our joint RO1 with Rahul is funded.

Aug 18, 2019: Presentation - Hao presented Alex and Emily's work at "2019 Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology" symposium in Beijing, China. 


Jan 17, 2019: Presentation - Emily won the travel award and presented her work at the 2019 Keystone symposium. 

Jun 1, 2018: Lab outing - Congratulations to Emily and Alex for passing their PhD candidacy exams!



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